New E-Z Chamfer tool – Australian innovation at its best

Need to chamfer the end of some threaded rod or a rusty bolt? Bordo’s new E-Z Chamfer tool is the answer. There is no longer any need to use a hand file or grinding disc as E-Z Chamfer will give you a perfect chamfer in seconds. This innovative new tool is made from M2 HSS […]

Introducing a drill bit revolution: Bordo Delta Point Drills

Delta Point drills are nearly twice as fast as conventional split point drills in mild steel. Featuring a revolutionary new point design, Delta Point Drills have a longer cutting edge, meaning more of the point is doing the drilling work.The productivity gains from a Delta Point drill speak for themselves, but what about drill bit […]

Quick facts about Bordo Deck Bits

Bordo’s Deck Bits are fully adjustable to suit your specific fastener, timber species or custom application.Additionally Deck Bits feature: • Pilot hole to suit 10G or 14G screws. • Prevent decking timber splitting. • Adjustable, free spinning, non-marking collar. • Wide gullets prevent the jamming and clogging of wood chips. • Large gullets also provide […]

Quick facts about Quad Max cutters

Did you know these five facts about Bordo Quad Max 4 Flute Cutters? 1. Coarse screw point starts quickly in dry, wet & gummy wood. 2. Cutting spurs reduce splintering to ensure a smooth clean hole. 3. Four cutting surfaces – making them up to 10 times faster than standard spade bits. 4. 1/4" hex […]

Deltagon Premium SDS Drilling

Bordo’s range of Deltagon SDS Plus drill bits offer outstanding performance in a wide variety of masonry drilling applications and superior performance decking plate. Deltagon bits offer specific advantages over standard SDS Plus bits: • High durability and improved drilling speed. • Tungsten carbide head is permanently bonded to shank – not brazed. This results […]