Colour Band Drills and Taps

Did you know that Bordo has five ranges of Colour Band Drills and Taps?

Bordo’s Colour Band Application range of drills and taps is specially designed to optimise your machining performance.  Each of the five ranges has been designed with different cutting geometries and surface treatments to ensure optimum tool life, machining speed and surface treatments for each specific material category.

Each Colour Band Drill and Tap features a specific point geometry. These include multi-facet, UX, Split Point, Web Thinned, or DX.  Bordo Colour Band Drills and Taps are optimally engineered to machine materials such as stainless steel, high tensile steel, carbon steel, aluminium, and cast iron. The need for greater productivity from high-performance machines and the minimisation of down-time demands extreme performance cutting tools.

For demanding engineering applications in difficult materials Bordo’s Colour Band range is your first choice!




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