New Product! Aircraft Drills

You may not be aware, but Bordo has now introduced Aircraft Drills to their product line!


Aircraft Drills are suitable for all your general purpose drilling needs and can drill through: wood, plastic, brass, steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. These Long Reach (Aircraft) Drills feature a 135° self-centering Split Point for faster penetration and a reduced end thrust. These drills are ideal for all your steel cutting needs!

Bordo’s Aircraft Drills are treated with a Black Finish process which helps to keep the tool lubricated, reducing friction and cold welding. Generally, Black finish tool products; such as Bordo’s Aircraft Drills, are recommended for ferrous applications where the oxide layer aids chip flow and heat dissipation. So, the end result is an increased tool life.

Bordo’s Aircraft Drills are ideal for any task where any bit of extra reach is required. This product is not only cost-efficient, but also cuts work-time in half! Click on the link below for the Bordo Aircraft Drills catalogue with the full range and usage information.


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