New Product! Deltagon Drills

Did you know that Bordo has now added Deltagon SDS Max drills to their extensive product line?

Bordo’s range of Deltagon SDS-Plus and SDS-Max drills offer outstanding performance in a wide variety of masonry drilling applications and specific advantages over standard SDS bits.


Bordo’s Deltagon drills are not only highly durable, but also have improved drilling speed. The solid tungsten carbide head is permanently bonded – not brazed – to the shank. This results in extended bit life by eliminating bit failure due to excessive heat. Deltagon Drills easily drill through all typical steel decking plate,,including Bondek®, and drill perfect holes every time! Deltagon Drills are extremely hard wearing for longer tool life, and also reduce vibration which minimises operator fatigue.

The Delta Shank on a limited range of small size Deltagon drills (6mm and smaller) has a triangular cross section and provides exceptional resistance to bending. The triple flute solid tungsten carbide head, and asymmetrical five cutter head (on large diameters), improves cutting efficiency, reduces vibration and offers superior performance in mesh and re-bar.

Bordo’s Deltagon Drills are, without a doubt, the best masonry drill on the market! Click the link below for the Bordo Deltagon Drills range and usage information.

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