New Range of MVRK Knives, Snips, and Scissors

Bordo is pleased to announce its latest product range -

MVRK Knives, Snips, and Scissors.

Product development and design is part of the Bordo DNA, and the exciting new MVRK range exemplifies this.

Piranha Multi Function Industrial Snips set the standard for premium quality stainless steel snips. With micro serrated blades that are precision ground and honed Piranha Industrial Snips make short work of an impressive variety of materials. Their geometry is optimised to cut paper and card, Kevlar, carbon and glass cloth, fabric, leather, carpet, linoleum, wire, cable, thin sheet metals, rubber, strapping, sarking, lightweight mesh, plastic sheet, flashing and other tough materials. What's more, the ambidextrous design includes a dual sided, quick release thumb lock. THESE SNIPS DO IT ALL!

MVRK Aviation Snips are premium quality drop forged chrome molybdenum steel alloy blades. They are induction hardened for superior performance and long blade life. Featuring single handed easy open squeeze and release thumb latch, and micro serrated blades that prevent material slipping during cutting. With durable soft grip chemical resistant handles MVRK Aviation Snips are ideal for cutting a range of heavy duty materials including: sheet metal, metal studs, ductwork, metal & pvc drywall angles and trims, flashing, spouting, dampcourse, leather, industrial fabrics and more.

MVRK Scissors include professional electrician's scissors, such as multi-purpose scissors and a cable stripping knife, as well as general purpose scissors and sheers. Available in premium quality stainless steel and also high tensile stainless steel all MVRK scissors and sheers feature micro serrated blades to prevent material slipping during cutting. Having large, durable ergonomic handles for control and comfort, and an ambidextrous design for use with either right or left hand, these scissors and sheers suit just about everyone!

MVRK knives include a wide range of utility knives, safety knives, multi-purpose knives, and folding knives, and a variety of blade types from trapezoidal to snap blades and carpet blades. The MVRK super heavy duty carton & box opener makes opening boxes a breeze, and is essential in any warehousing or retail environment. And with online shopping, it is ideal for home use too!

Why not try the new MVRK range today?


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