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With facilities in Australia, Europe, and the USA, and a world-class customer service team, Bordo is able to put the best products in our customers' hands when and where they need them.

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At Bordo we pride ourselves on our environmental policy. We have a landmark building that is one of Australia's first 5 star certified buildings and our power needs are supplied by an 85kW solar power array.

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Bordo International is committed to working with our suppliers and customers to improve and expand our range of cutting tools and power tool accessories, whilst continuing to provide the highest levels of service.

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A primer on PowerCoil wire thread inserts – Part 1

Manufactured from high quality chromium nickel stainless steel, PowerCoil wire thread inserts provide high strength internal threads that resist the effects of temperature and corrosion. Their unique design ensures superior threads whose compound performance cannot be reproduced by any other single fastening method. Available in two basic forms, free running or screw locking, they are much […]

Quick facts about Bordo Deck Bits

Bordo’s Deck Bits are fully adjustable to suit your specific fastener, timber species or custom application.Additionally Deck Bits feature: • Pilot hole to suit 10G or 14G screws. • Prevent decking timber splitting. • Adjustable, free spinning, non-marking collar. • Wide gullets prevent the jamming and clogging of wood chips. • Large gullets also provide […]

Quick facts about Quad Max cutters

Did you know these five facts about Bordo Quad Max 4 Flute Cutters? 1. Coarse screw point starts quickly in dry, wet & gummy wood. 2. Cutting spurs reduce splintering to ensure a smooth clean hole. 3. Four cutting surfaces – making them up to 10 times faster than standard spade bits. 4. 1/4" hex […]