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With facilities in Australia, Europe, and the USA, and a world-class customer service team, Bordo is able to put the best products in our customers' hands when and where they need them.

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At Bordo we pride ourselves on our environmental policy. We have a landmark building that is one of Australia's first 5 star certified buildings and our power needs are supplied by an 85kW solar power array.

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Bordo International is committed to working with our suppliers and customers to improve and expand our range of cutting tools and power tool accessories, whilst continuing to provide the highest levels of service.

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New Product! Aircraft Drills

You may not be aware, but Bordo has now introduced Aircraft Drills to their product line! Aircraft Drills are suitable for all your general purpose drilling needs and can drill through: wood, plastic, brass, steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. These Long Reach (Aircraft) Drills feature a 135° self-centering Split Point for faster penetration and a […]

New Product! Deltagon Drills

Did you know that Bordo has now added Deltagon SDS Max drills to their extensive product line? Bordo’s range of Deltagon SDS-Plus and SDS-Max drills offer outstanding performance in a wide variety of masonry drilling applications and specific advantages over standard SDS bits. Bordo’s Deltagon drills are not only highly durable, but also have improved […]

New Product! Cobalt Hacksaw Blades

You may not be aware, but Bordo has now added Cobalt Hacksaw Blades to the already extensive line of products! Bordo Hacksaw Blades come in a variety of types specific to any and all your cutting needs. Bordo’s Bi-Metal Cobalt blades are not only flexible, but also shatterproof! The Bi-Metal Cobalt blades are constructed with […]