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With facilities in Australia, Europe, and the USA, and a world-class customer service team, Bordo is able to put the best products in our customers' hands when and where they need them.

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At Bordo we pride ourselves on our environmental policy. We have a landmark building that is one of Australia's first 5 star certified buildings and our power needs are supplied by an 85kW solar power array.

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Bordo International is committed to working with our suppliers and customers to improve and expand our range of cutting tools and power tool accessories, whilst continuing to provide the highest levels of service.

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Bondsert image

Bondsert™ Threaded Inserts: a truly versatile solution to your insert needs!

Bondsert™ Threaded Inserts Thread inserts come in various forms, each with unique properties and uses. Best known for use in repairing broken threads, thread inserts are also used in OEM applications to strengthen threads in softer materials such as aluminium and magnesium. Because they are available in several forms it can be confusing as to […]

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Introducing the Bordo Engineer’s Quick Reference Pocket Book

Out now, the all new Bordo Engineer’s Quick Reference Pocket Book is an indispensable reference tool for any engineer or workshop. Packed with essential conversions, charts, tables and formulae in a pocket sized format means you can have the right information at your fingertips whenever you need it! 50 laminated pages of charts, tables and […]

New Range of MVRK Knives, Snips, and Scissors

Bordo is pleased to announce its latest product range – MVRK Knives, Snips, and Scissors. Product development and design is part of the Bordo DNA, and the exciting new MVRK range exemplifies this. Piranha Multi Function Industrial Snips set the standard for premium quality stainless steel snips. With micro serrated blades that are precision ground […]